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This documentation is to help you undesrstand the price table's structure. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how this price table is made and how to edit this properly. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize this price table.

1. Getting Started

Package contents

  • Price Table — Contains all the original Price Table files comprises of HTML, CSS etc.
  • Documentation — Inside this folder you will find this same documentation updated with the last changes.

Details regarding contents and structure of Price Table folder is given below.

2. Installation

Installing the PC Price table is actually pretty simple. You just need to add the Following code inside the <head> tag of your web page:





3. Price Table Structure

Cafés & Nightclubs

For 2 Persons

$ 99 /menu 1
Order Now

2.1. Structure Details

price-item is the common class for each price table

price-eight Identify of the unique price table

price-head Contains the price and period

list-none Reset the list style

pc_btn default btn style

pc_btn-dark-border button with dark border

pc_btn-fullwidth fullwidth button

pc_btn-white used for button text white

pc_btn-anim-top button bg animation from top

pc_btn-anim-right button bg animation from right

pc_btn-anim-bottom button bg animation from bottom

pc_btn-anim-left button bg animation from left

3. Stylesheet Files

All styling realted files of this Price Table can be found in the folder named styles.

|-- css/           # compiled css files
    |-- eleganticon.css
    |-- bootstrap.min.css
    |-- demo.css
    |-- main.css
    |-- media-queries.css
|-- less/           # css preprocessor files
    |-- main.less
    |-- mixins.less
    |-- demo.less
    |-- variables.less
    |-- media-queries.less

As it can be seen,

main.less, contains the main styles for price table

mixins.less contains less mixins

variables.less contains less variables

media-queries.less contains Responsive styles

and the demo.less contains the styles for demo page, not required price table

To compile these .less files you may need a less compiler. More details on it can be found here.